Android Development Online Certification Course + Guaranteed Internship

Learn Android Development from Scratch and Create Three Dynamic Android Apps [One of Your Apps will be made live on PlayStore FREE of cost]

Created By: Akshat Goel

Course Duration : 2 Month (Lifetime Content Access)


730 Ratings | 4127 Enrollments


  • Java lessons for Android Development

  • Hello World App of Android

  • Development of App and live on Playstore

What will I learn?

  • Learn Android Development and Java Programming from Scratch

  • Create your own Professional Quality Android Apps which are fun and engaging

  • Learn how to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases

  • Upload your Android App to Google Playstore and reach millions of Android Users


Do you want to build applications for the most popular operating system in the world?

Do you want the opportunity to put your apps on over 1 billion devices? Uber is a $50+ billion company just on the basis of mobile apps, so the potential is unlimited with every single new App which adds value to human lives.

Build a strong foundation in Android Development, Android Studio and object-oriented Java Programming with this tutorial and complete course.

Whether you've never programmed before or are coming to mobile development for the first time, if you're truly inspired to learn Android Development, this is where you need to start.

After doing this course, you will have successfully developed 3 full-fledged dynamic Android Apps and one of them will be made live on Google PlayStore.

Although there are thousands of job aspirants who have done a certification course in Android, but you'll be among the few ones who also have their Apps live on PlayStore and will be completely prepared for any job interview!

Who is the target audience?

  • Recommended for people with no programming or app developer experience
  • Suitable for beginner programmers and ideal for users who learn faster when shown
  • Best course for Web / iOS developers or any programmers to learn android development
  • Software developers who need to architect, create and deploy commercial applications on Google's Android platform
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn app development and save money on development & outsourcing

If you have any query or concern related to the course, you can contact us at +91-9711608586

Details related to Guaranteed Internship:

i) Why? - We believe acquiring a new skill without working on an actual project is wasteful spending of your time and resources. For your holistic learning experience, both course and internship should be combined.

ii) Who? - An Internship is guaranteed by Eckovation to all Eckovation Alumni - those who complete at least a course with us.

iii) Where? - The Internship will be either with Eckovation or one of our partner organizations. You will be able to access once you register for a course with us. Our Internship Portal will feature profiles of our alumni and also list internship opportunities by various organizations where alumni can apply.

iv) How many? - The internship will be related to the skill(s) which you've acquired from Eckovation platform.  In case of multiple skills, multiple internship opportunities may be provided.

v) Nature of internship? - The internships will be virtual in nature, i.e., you will be able to work on the internship project from home.

vi) When? - The Internship will start only after your course completion in either Summer/December Vacation depending on which comes first. In-semester internships can also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

vii) Certificate - A separate internship certificate will be provided at the end of the internship period.

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Introduction to App Development

  • Getting started with Android Studio Working with Android emulator Build a simple android app

  • Working with Github Working with gradle Build an interactive photo sharing app – Part 1

Working with Android

  • Android list and adaptors Build an interactive photo sharing app – Part 2

  • Android Activity lifecycle Getting acquainted with Firebase Connecting local app and remote servers Build an interactive photo sharing app – Part 3 One to One session

Notification in Android App

  • Understanding Firebase powered push notifications Build an interactive photo sharing app – Final Part

Android App Publish

  • UI Testing of Android application Configuring espresso for Android

Material Design

  • Introduction to material design Dive into surfaces, motion, adaptive design Nuances of Fetching data online Building a sample news reading app

Capstone Project

    About Instructors

    Akshat Goel

    IIT Delhi, 8y+ experience

    An IIT Delhi graduate and an acclaimed software engineer.

    He has over 8 years of programming experience and has worked in major companies like DeNA, Japan etc. 

    Over the last decade, he has worked with multiple technologies. He has in-depth working experience starting from backend languages like Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and frontend langauges like AngularJs, React.js and jQuery.

    He has been working with Android and Hadoop since last couple of years.


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    Is this course provided by Eckovation or IIT?

    This course has been taught by IIT Alumni working with Eckovation. We do not have any collaboration with any IIT for this course.

    What are the modes of payments available?

    You can make the due payment via netbanking, debit cards, credit cards or online wallet.

    Can cash payment be done for courses?

    Cash payment facility is not available. Only online transactions are accepted.

    When will the classes commence?

    The course contains on-demand recorded lectures run on a batch basis. You can access all the videos as soon as you have completed your payment for the course.

    The course is provided on a batch basis but access is for lifetime. What does this mean?

    All the courses have mentors in it to help the students clear doubts and have smooth learning. The mentors will be only available in a course for the duration of the batch and not after the batch is over. The access to the videos and assignments will remain with the user indefinitely.

    How do I enrol in the course?

    You can directly click on the Enrol Now button given above to start the enrolment process.

    What is the payment structure?

    The payment for the course can be made through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking. One can either complete the process with direct on-time payment or with equal monthly instalments.

    What does seat booking or token amount mean?

    Seat booking or token amount is a non-refundable amount to be paid to book your slot in the batch so that you can pay the total fee on later due date and not worry about missing the batch seat, which are on first come first serve basis.

    What should I expect once the enrollment is complete?

    Once the enrolment is done, you will receive an email from Eckovation stating all the directions of how to proceed further and what to expect before and during the course.

    What if I do not want to continue the course after I have made my payment?

    If you do not wish to continue the course you can ask for a refund within 7days of payment or commencement of the course, whichever is later. For Instalments, once the refund deadline is over, there won’t be any refunds, including future pending EMIs.

    How much time do I have for completing my final project?

    The course lectures will be for 8 months. You will have 2 months duration after that to submit your final project for evaluation.

    How will the placement assistance work?

    The placement assistance will be provided to the students who successfully complete the course. We will help you build your resume as per the course's job profile, take mock interview sessions and get you interviews in various companies.