Graphic Design 101

Make your Imaginations Visible; Suitable Job Profiles - Graphical Designer, Digital Graphical Designer, Visual Designer

Created By: Govinda Das and Parveen Yadav

Course Duration : 2 months


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  • Design concepts for different scenarios

  • Introduction to Photoshop

  • Design projects

  • Self-paced

What will I learn?

  • Basic Concepts of Design and what do you need to focus on.

  • Photoshop from very basic to intermediate level as a tool for the designer inside you.

  • Concepts of UI/UX. And their relation with Graphic Design. And how Photoshop comes into play?

  • Project to test your skills


Design is something everybody is doing in one way or another in their life. We are here to help those who specifically wants to learn to design and not just do random mix and match stuff. A good design begins with a good design concept. You’re trying to solve a problem and your concept will lead the way and give you direction for your design decisions. 

You'll learn how to solve these problems and make your design more appealing to your target audience. You'll learn how to use Adobe Photoshop CC for your design purposes. You'll be given few design projects to test your skills. In short, you'll have fun.

As a graphic designer, you can work for a variety of businesses such as design consultancies and studios or branding specialists. You may be part of a team specialising in advertising design, including identity and event branding or corporate communication. Advertising and PR agencies are another possibility, where you'd be involved in the process of creating positive images of organisations, individuals and products, and delivering imaginative solutions that generate sales or an increase in business interest.  

In the public sector, employers include museums, local authorities, schools, colleges and hospitals. Some professionals even set up their own studios and work as exhibiting artists or work as part of a studio collective.

There are huge opportunities where you can use your extremely creative and imaginative mind in the world of possibilities and opportunities.

And those who are doing it as a hobby, create some art, play with the skills you learn from this course. Who knows you might create a masterpiece.

Have Fun!!

(This is a beginner level course introducing you to Adobe Photoshop CC and teaching you edit, merge and create images with ease. This is not a professional level course teaching you all the tools and features available on Photoshop).

After completing this course, you will become suitable for the following job profiles - 

i) Graphical Designer

ii) Digital Graphical Designer

iii) Visual Designer

For any doubt call to Govinda Das (Instructor) directly at 9999626964.


Introduction to Design

  • What is a Design?

  • Design and Concepts

  • Glance at design elements

Say "Hello!" to Photoshop.

  • Photoshop - What is it? Why photoshop?

  • Familiarizing the Photoshop tools and workspace.

  • Understanding the Document settings

Playing around Photoshop - 1

  • Layers

  • Selection - Marquee tool, lasso tool

  • Colors panel, swatches panel, Eyedropper tool

  • Transform tool

  • Brush tool

  • Eraser tool and Layer Masking

Playing around Photoshop - 2

  • Shape tool

  • Type Principles

  • Paths and Pen tool

  • Smart Objects

  • Layer Styles

Playing around Photoshop - 3

  • Adjustments - Color adjustments, Adjustment Layers

  • Filters

  • Blending Modes

  • Setting up a document, Saving a document

  • Creating/Recreating some designs (Assignment 1)

Photoshop and UI

  • Introduction to field of UI/UX

  • Why UI/UX getting so much hype? Difference between UI and UX.

  • Graphic Design and UI/UX

  • Role of Photoshop in UI/UX

Make your imaginations Visible (Final project)

  • Use the tools, the layers, the tips, the tricks, whatever you have acquired in this course and create SOME-thing.

About Instructors

Govinda Das

B. Tech in Engg. Physics (IIT Delhi)

Started with a piece of paper, increasing his size and knowledge in designing and art, moved to a floor and then to a wall and now here, before you with computer graphics as his canvas. He started designing at an early age, say it be some decor banner for school events, or managing the entire decor for his IIT Delhi hostel (House Day event). He lead a team to victory in several Fine Arts event creating their own design from scratch.

Though not professionally, he inspired and mentored many of his talented IIT juniors in the field of art and deisgning (although his mentoring is not just limited to design). And now sharing his knowledge and the way he learned Graphic Designing to make the learning of future designers much easier.

Parveen Yadav

UI/Graphic Designer

Currently, working as a UI/UX and Graphic Designer at Eckovation itself, he is a very talented Designer with a creative and imaginative mind full of ideas, able to create new and awesome designs in a matter of minutes. He is also a mentor to a lot of design interns at Eckovation.


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