Booster Degree for Mechanical Engineering + Guaranteed Internships

Add valuable skills not taught in your college to get a bright career in Mechanical Engineering

Created By: Ritesh Singh and Niranjan Kumar

Course Duration : 6 Month


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What will I learn?

  • Learn from the best in Industry - Build a solid foundation in Mechanical Engineering by having expertise in Robotics/Matlab/SolidWorks/Ansys along with other important skills like C Language/Big Data

  • Practical Learning - Practice what you learn in the courses through our Guaranteed Internship Facility for all Eckovation Alumnus


The college teaching for Mechanical Engineering misses out of various aspects of Mechanical Engineering which are deadly required when you passout and apply for a job.

Eckovation offers you a Booster Degree which will train you in following skills within a span of 6 months:

  1. C Programming Certification
    C language is the foundation of the whole computer science. All the operating systems, efficient databases, and highly scalable robotics is done in C language. Not just that it is one the favourite topic in the interviews for the IT jobs all over the world.
  2. Data structures in C
    Data structures again is the foundation of whole computer science. It is all about efficiently storing and processing the information in the computer programs. You cannot write an efficient program without the clear knowledge of sorting and data structures. In this course, you will be learning about all the popular data structures like Stacks, Queues, and also the popular Sorting algorithms like Quick sort, Bucket sort, Merge sort and many more.
  3. Robotics Online Certification Course
    Robotics is changing the world in numerous ways, ranging from e-commerce warehousing to medical surgeries. Through this course you will not only be able to build some great robots by using the mechanical hardware but also C Programming and electronics. With this course you will be getting a full fledged robotics kit (with Arduino included) enabling you to build 2 real robotics in less than 2 months.
  4. MATLAB Online Certification Course
    Matlab is the go-to-software everywhere for numerical analysis or machine learning in the industry. In this course you will be able to get your hands-on on real Matlab software.
  5. Big Data Hadoop Online Certification Course
    Big businesses is all about lots of consumers buying the products and hence generating lots of sales and revenues, leading to mega companies and corporations. Big Data is going to be the biggest employer by year 2020. The demand in Big Data far exceeds supply. In this course you will be learning how to crunch petabyte scale data to drive out useful conclusions for the businesses.
  6. Solid Works Online Certification Course
    Be it engine design or designing almost anything in the world of mechnical engineering, SolidWorks is used everywhere. When you go in the industry you will find SolidWorkd almost everywhere. Keeping that in mind, this course teaches you modeling in Solidworks from scratch. With lots of informaton videos, instructors from IIT Delhi, and innumerable assignments, you are sure to master Solidworks with this course.
  7. Ansys
    Simulation! Simulation! Simulation! That's the buzzword for any live engineering project in the indsutry. With this course you will be learning Ansys end-to-end with which you will be able to use Ansys in the wild in the industry. With lots of informaton videos, instructors from IIT Delhi, and innumerable assignments, you are sure to master Ansys with this course.
  8. Resume Building
    An average executive in a big company receives hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. An average recruiter spends only about 30 seconds scanning through a resume. Even if you are absolutely great in your academics, it will be vey hard for you to get shortlisted. This course teaches you how to do build a great resume, to help you get shortlisted for your dream job.

For any doubts or problems regarding the minor degree please get in touch Mr. Ritesh (+91-9711608586) directly over call.

Details related to Guaranteed Internship:

i) Why? - We believe acquiring a new skill without working on an actual project is wasteful spending of your time and resources. For your holistic learning experience, both course and internship should be combined.

ii) Who? - Internship is guaranteed by Eckovation to all Eckovation Alumni - those who complete atleast a course with us.

iii) Where? - Internship will be either with Eckovation or one of our partner organisations. You will be able to access once you register for a course with us. Our Internship Portal will feature profiles of our alumni and also list internship opportunities by various organisations where alumni can apply.

iv) How many? - The internship will be related to the skill(s) which you've acquired from Eckovation platform.  In case of multiple skills, multiple internship opportunities may be provided.

v) Nature of internship? - The internships will be virtual in nature, i.e., you will be able to work on the internship project from home.

vi) When? - Internship will start only after your course completion in either Summer/December Vacation depending on which comes first. In-semester internships can also be considered on case-by-case basis.

vii) Certificate - A separate internship certificate will be provided at the end of internship period.


C Programming Certification

  • Program structure

  • Basic Syntax

  • Data types

  • Variables

  • Constants

  • Storage class, Operators, Decision making,

  • Loops

  • Functions, Arrays, Pointers, String

  • Structures, Unioin, Typedef

  • Header files, File io, Preprocessor

  • Type casting, Recursion, Memory management

Data structures in C

  • Beginning of DS World & Linked List

  • Stacks

  • Queues

  • Trees

  • Time Complexity

  • Sorting

Robotics Online Certification Course

  • Introduction to Robots

  • Introduction to Basic Electronics

  • Microcontroller

  • Introduction to Basic Programming

  • Interfacing DC motors to Arduino

  • Advanced Concepts

  • Minor Projects Covered During the Course

  • Major Project : Line follower Robot


  • Basic of MATLAB

  • Matrix in MATLAB

  • Plots in MATLAB

  • Functions in MATLAB

  • Advanced MATLAB

  • Simulation in MATLAB

Big Data

  • Understanding Big Data and Hadoop

  • Hadoop Architecture and HDFS

  • Hadoop MapReduce Framework

  • Advanced MapReduce

  • Pig

  • Hive

  • Advanced Hive and Base

  • Processing Distributed Data with Apache Spark

  • Yarn

  • Oozie and Hadoop Project

  • Analyzing Streams of Data Project


  • SOLIDWORKS Introduction

  • Assembly Drawing

  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation


Resume Building

About Instructors

Ritesh Singh

IIT Delhi Graduate and National Winner of 3-D Design Competition by American society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME).

Ritesh singh is a well acclaimed Mechanical Engineer from IIT Delhi, 2012.

After IIT Delhi, he worked in multiple companies including as a senior engineer at Bosch.

He is the National Winner in the 3-D Design Competition by American society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME).

He is an expert in Ansys, Matlab, and IC Engines.

Niranjan Kumar

Computer Science, BITS PILANI, 8 years of total experience

4 years of Industry Programming Experience with Oracle and Ebay,

8 years of experince with programming langauges like C, C++, Java, Python, Javascript  

4 years of experience with Server Technologies like NodeJs, MeteorJs, ReactJs, Django  


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What are the modes of payments available?

You can make the due payment via netbanking, debit cards, credit cards or online wallet.

Can cash payment be done for courses?

Cash payment facility is not available. Only online transactions are accepted.

What happens after I complete the payment for the course?

You will receive an email confirming the success of subscription and welcoming you to the course. You will be asked to join a learning group on Eckovation corresponding to the course that you have opted.

Can I get a free trial for the course?

It varies from course to course. Some courses have a free trial available, some courses do not have that feature.

Can I pursue the course in laptop as well as mobile?

Yes. You can pursue the course over your laptop by going to . Smartphone users can download the eckovation app from appstore or playstore and login to access your course.

What is the Refund Policy in case I'm not satisfied with the Course?

100% Refund Policy is applicable till 7 days after subscription in case we are not providing what we have promised you earlier. However, after 7 days, no request for refund will be entertained.

I am unable to access the online course. Who should I contact?

You can write an e-mail to You can also contact your course educator or you can call at +91-9266677335.

Is it required for you to complete the course strictly within the course duration mentioned at the top of the page?

No. You can complete the course before or after the stipulated course duration. It is mentioned just to provide a tentative timeline in case you devote 1-2 hours/day to the course regularly. Infact, you'll also have lifetime access to course material.

Is there any Pre-requisite for this Course?

No, there's no pre-requisite for this course. Everything will be covered in the course, right from the scratch.