Certification in Data Science by Dr. Arzad, Faculty, IIT Bhilai
Learn the principles of data science and tools like Python, Machine Learning, R Programming, Tableau and more
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Delivered by:

Arzad Alam Kherani
Faculty at IIT-Bhilai

Delivered by:

Arzad Alam Kherani
(Faculty at IIT-Bhilai)

Estimated Time

8 Month  

Commitment Level

12 Hours/Week


Programming & Networking Basics

Why learn Data Science?
Number of Jobs
With increasing data processing capabilities of the world, the amount of data being captured is increasing at an exponential rate. This has created an exponential jump in the number of jobs for data scientists cutting across industries.Job Openings for data scientists are increasing by 400% each year in India.
Salary Potential
Data Science has become a critical aspect of decision making and business strategy. As the rate of new data scientists entering the job market is much slower as compared to new jobs being created, salaries for this role are not only high, they are growing faster than for any other job role.In general, starting pay packages for data scientists range between 15 to 40 lakhs per year
Top Companies
Data Science is a role which is not limited to any industry. Any business you can think of, data science has a critical role to play in it today.SpaceX, Google, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, etc.
Why this Course?
Joint Certification by Eckovation & Dr. Arzad
The curriculum offered by Eckovation in collaboration with Dr. Arzad, Faculty, IIT Bhilai is the most comprehensive curriculum offered on the internet as of 2020.
Industry Oriented Learning
Top Experts from IITs and Industry Experts from Zomato, Microsoft, Adobe and Cisco will be providing you personalised guidance.
Personalised Mentorship
Eckovation guarantees one-to-one mentorship with Industry Experts from top companies throughout the duration of the course.
Live Classes
Learn theory and practical skills 8 hours per week with the course faculty
Placement Assistance
With their technical skills enhanced and their soft skills honed, Eckovation students will have a much better chance of getting placed and hence achieve a better future for themselves.
Professional Networking
Assured minimum 5 job interviews. Personalised assistance to help you through job applications and interviews to achieve best jobs with top packages.
Professional Certificate
  • Get a professional certification from Eckovation in collaboration with Dr.Arzad, Faculty, IIT Bhilai
  • Add an extremely valuable asset to your Resume
  • Kickstart your career
Course Details
Video Lectures with Assessment Tests
Video lectures accompanied with assessment tests. Learn concepts through videos and assess your understanding through tests. Course Curriculum designed by online pedagogy experts.
Assignments and Case Studies
Apply the concepts you have learned by working on carefully designed assignments to exercise your problem-solving muscle. Get a flavour of real-world problems through case studies sourced from industry.
Complex real-industry problems demanding a thorough understanding of concepts, mastery over skill and understanding of the business context. Having worked on them would be a big highlight of your resume.
Personalised Mentorship
Top industry experts and IIT graduates would provide you personalised assistance in resolving doubts, working on assignments and a detailed review of your projects.
Learning Community
An online community of peers learning together, learning from each other, ensuring that learning remains the social experience that it ought to be.
Placement Assistance
Assistance to create a world-class resume,ensuring job interviews with top recruiters and preparing you for the recruitment process.
Hours of Content
Industry Projects
Tools and Softwares

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Python Basics
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Importance of Python
Python shell, IDEs
Hello World
Basic programming syntaxes
Functions and Packages
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Data ingestion and inspection
Exploratory data analysis
Time series
Case Study
Extracting and Transforming Data
Advanced Indexing
Rearranging and reshaping data
Grouping data
Data Visualization with Python
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Customizing plots
Plotting 2d arrays
statistical plots with seaborn
analysing time series and images
Data Visualization with Bokeh
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Basic plotting
Layouts, Interactions and Annotations
Building interactive apps
Case study
Statistical Thinking - Python
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Graphical Exploratory data analysis
Quantitative exploratory data analysis
Thinking probabilitically- discreet variables
Thinking probabilitically- continuous variables
Bootstrap confidence intervals
Hypothesis testing
Hypothesis test examples
Shell for Data Science
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Manipulating files and directories
Manipulating Data
Combining tools
Crating Batch processes
Creating new tools
Supervised Machine Learning
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Fine-tuning the model
Pre-processing and pipelines
Unsupervised Machine Learning
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Clustering for data set exploration
Visualization with hierarchical clustering and t-SNE
Decorrelating data
Dimension reduction
Discovering interpretable features
Deep learning
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Basics of deep learning
Neural Networks
Optimization of neural network with back propagation
Build deep learning model with Keras
Fine-tune Keras
Data Mining and Warehousing
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Big Data Storage and Analytics
4 Weeks, 5 Assignments
Completion Certificate
You will get certificates after completing all courses and assignments.
Estimated Time
8 Month  
Commitment Level
12 Hours/Week
Tools Covered
Completion Certificate
You will get certificates after completing all courses and assignments.
Industry Projects
Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries
Fortune teller
A Organisation who is facing the issues with the people leaving the organization in a very short interval of the time want to predict whether someone is trying to lave in upcoming six months which will help them do the backup planning. The data is given and We need to predict if someone will leave the organization.
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RFM Analysis
The company wants to segregate the customers on the basis of the purchase they have done there are various criteria to measure the performance Recency Frequency and Monetary. We need to perform an RFM analysis. RFM depends on data for individual transactions. The data have to include, at the very least, an invoice number, customer identification number, purchase date, and purchase amount.
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New Movie Recommendation
Netflix is best known for its huge movie database and the recommendations they provide to their user. Work on a similar recommendation algorithm to stay at par with data scientists of Netflix and similar platforms.
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Recommendation Engine
This is an advanced recommendation system challenge. In this practice problem, you are given the data of programmers and questions that they have previously solved, along with the time that they took to solve that particular question. As a data scientist, the model you build will help online judges to decide the next level of questions to recommend to a user.
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Arzad Alam Kherani
Arzad Alam Kherani, an IISc Alumni, is an Associate Professor at Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai. He is also an Adjunct Faculty of Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi. He has serveral years of experience of working with startups.
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Commonly Asked Questions
Where do I attend these live classes?
You can attend these classes from anywhere on your laptop with an internet connection. You can join the class through a link shared to all the students before the beginning of the class.
How do I enroll in the course?
You can directly click on the Enroll Now button given above to start the enrolment process.
What is the payment structure?
The payment for the course can be made through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking. One can either complete the process with direct on-time payment or with equal monthly instalments.
What does seat booking or token amount mean?
Seat booking or token amount is a non-refundable amount to be paid to book your slot in the batch so that you can pay the total fee on later due date and not worry about missing the batch seat, which are on first come first serve basis.
What should I expect once the enrollment is complete?
Once the enrolment is done, you will receive an email from Eckovation stating all the directions of how to proceed further and what to expect before and during the course.
What if I miss a class?
All the lectures will be available for the students to view in Eckovation platform after the class is over. However, you will not be able to ask direct questions to the Professor or TAs for that class.
Is there any attendance or minimum score policy for the course?
Yes, the minimum attendance policy for the course is 60% and minimum marks for successful course completion is 40%.
What if I do not want to continue the course after I have made my payment?
If you do not wish to continue the course you can ask for a refund within 7days of payment or commencement of the course, whichever is later. For Instalments, once the refund deadline is over, there won’t be any refunds, including future pending EMIs.
How much time do I have for completing my final project?
The course lectures will be for 8 months. You will have 2 months duration after that to submit your final project for evaluation.
How will the placement assistance work?
The placement assistance will be provided to the students who successfully complete the course. We will help you build your resume as per the course's job profile, take mock interview sessions and get you interviews in various companies.

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