Internet of Things (IoT) Online Certification Course + Guaranteed Internship

Build 6 real-life Projects in just one course; Inclusive of Pre-bundled Kit worth Rs. 8000

Created By: Yash Shukla , Niranjan Kumar and 1 more

Course Duration : 2 Months (Lifetime Content Access)


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  • Full lifetime access

  • Instructors will be available 24X7 to answer your queries

  • Certificate of Completion

What will I learn?

  • Build your own exciting real IoT Projects in this Internet of Things Certification Course

  • Understand the full end to end working of Raspberry PI

  • Understand the integration of Sensors, electronics, mobile application, data analytics and optimization


How will an Internet of Things Certification Course help you?

Internet of Things, or IoT in short, is the internetworking of physical devices like sensors, motors or simply a smart device and linking them to cloud, so as to get updates remotely from almost anywhere. IoT has promising applications for smart homes, wearable devices, smart cities, connected cars and more.

This is a very practical oriented Internet of Things Certification Course. After you enroll for this course, you'll be couriered a kit costing around Rs. 8,000 and through video lectures, you'll be guided to use the kit to complete all your projects.

The kit includes components like Raspberry Pi 3, Sensors, Soldering Iron, Multimeter, Jumper wires, Cable, Relay Module, Raspberry Pi camera module, Breadboard, Transistors, Resistor box, Micro SD (16GB), Capacitor Box, PCB, LEDs, etc.

In this Internet of Certification Course, you will be building 6 projects, which will give you a complete idea of how electronics control systems work.

Once you complete the course and all the assignments you will be granted a soft and hard copy of the completion certificate

Details related to Guaranteed Internship:

i) Why? - We believe acquiring a new skill without working on an actual project is wasteful spending of your time and resources. For your holistic learning experience, both course and internship should be combined.

ii) Who? - An Internship is guaranteed by Eckovation to all Eckovation Alumni - those who complete at least a course with us.

iii) Where? - The Internship will be either with Eckovation or one of our partner organizations. You will be able to access once you register for a course with us. Our Internship Portal will feature profiles of our alumni and also list internship opportunities by various organizations where alumni can apply.

iv) How many? - The internship will be related to the skill(s) which you've acquired from Eckovation platform.  In case of multiple skills, multiple internship opportunities may be provided.

v) Nature of internship? - The internships will be virtual in nature, i.e., you will be able to work on the internship project from home.

vi) When? - The Internship will start only after your course completion in either Summer/December Vacation depending on which comes first. In-semester internships can also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

vii) Certificate - A separate internship certificate will be provided at the end of internship period.

You'll design and develop the following projects in this Internet of Things Certification Course:

  • Room Temperature Monitoring System
  • Motion Detection System 
  • Soil Moisture Sensor 
  • Home Automation System
  • Smile Detection using Raspberry Pi Camera


Introduction to IoT

Introduction to Basic Electronics

  • Resistor

  • Capacitor

  • Capacitor

  • Breadboard

  • Relay

  • Motors

  • Multimeter

  • Potentiometer

  • Seven Segment Display


Introduction to Basic Programming

  • Data Types

  • Variables

  • Operators

  • Control statements

  • Loops

  • Function declaration

  • String

  • Arrays

  • Objects

  • Time Functions

Raspberry Pi - Programming

Project 1 - Room Temperature Monitoring System

Project 2 - Motion Detection System

Project 3 - Soil Moisture Sensor

Project 4 - Home Automation System

Project 5 - Smile Detection using Raspberry Pi Camera

About Instructors

Yash Shukla

NIU , 2y+ experience

An Engineering graduate and Software Engineer.

Having more than 2 years of programming experience in Robotics .

He has in-depth working experience with multiple technologies including languages like Java, C, C# .

Niranjan Kumar

BITS Pilani, 8y+ experience

4 years of Industry Programming Experience with Oracle and Ebay,

8 years of experince with programming langugaes like C, C++, Python, Assembly Language (8086, 8085),  

4 years of experience in Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence  

Akshat Goel

IIT Delhi, 8y+ experience

An IIT Delhi graduate and an acclaimed software engineer.

He has over 8 years of programming experience and has worked in major companies like DeNA, Japan etc. 

Over the last decade, he has worked with multiple technologies. He has in-depth working experience starting from backend languages like Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and frontend langauges like AngularJs, React.js and jQuery.

He has been working with Android and Hadoop since last couple of years.


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Click on the Enroll Now button on the top of the page. Then select the suitable package for yourself. Then you will be asked to complete the necessary payment. Once you complete the process, you automatically get enrolled for the course.

What are the modes of payments available?

You can make the due payment via netbanking, debit cards, credit cards or online wallet.

Can cash payment be done for courses?

Cash payment facility is not available. Only online transactions are accepted.

What happens after I complete the payment for the course?

You will receive an email confirming the success of subscription and welcoming you to the course. You will be asked to join a learning group on Eckovation corresponding to the course that you have opted.

Can I get a free trial for the course?

It varies from course to course. Some courses have a free trial available, some courses do not have that feature.

Can I pursue the course in laptop as well as mobile?

Yes. You can pursue the course over your laptop by going to . Smartphone users can download the eckovation app from appstore or playstore and login to access your course.

What is the Refund Policy in case I'm not satisfied with the Course?

100% Refund Policy is applicable till 7 days after subscription in case we are not providing what we have promised you earlier. However, after 7 days, no request for refund will be entertained.

I am unable to access the online course. Who should I contact?

You can write an e-mail to You can also contact your course educator or you can call at +91-9266677335.

Is it required for you to complete the course strictly within the course duration mentioned at the top of the page?

No. You can complete the course before or after the stipulated course duration. It is mentioned just to provide a tentative timeline in case you devote 1-2 hours/day to the course regularly. Infact, you'll also have lifetime access to course material.

Is there any Pre-requisite for this Course?

No, there's no pre-requisite for this course. Everything will be covered in the course, right from the scratch.