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Programming & Networking Basics
Why learn Data Science?
Number of Jobs
With the recent news of various financial disasters there has been a massive requirement of generating trust through technology. Therefore there is a rapid shift towards happening Data Science based technologies.
Salary Potential
Data Science has become a critical aspect of decision making and business strategy. As the rate of new data scientists entering the job market is much slower as compared to new jobs being created, salaries for this role are not only high, they are growing faster than for any other job role.In general, starting pay packages for data scientists range between 15 to 40 lakhs per year
Top Recruiters
Data Science is a role which is not limited to any industry. Any business you can think of, data science has a critical role to play in it today.SpaceX, Google, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, etc.
Why this Course?
Certification by Eckovation
The curriculum offered by Eckovation is the most comprehensive curriculum available online in 2020
Industry Oriented Curriculum
Top Experts from IITs and Industry Experts from Zomato, Microsoft, Adobe and Cisco will be providing you personalised guidance
Personalised Mentorship
Eckovation guarantees one-to-one mentorship with Industry Experts from top companies throughout the duration of the course
Live Classes
Learn theory and practical skills 8 hours per week with the live instructor-led online classes by industry experts
Discussion forums
Timely doubt resolution by industry experts and peers. Regular live sessions by experts to clarify concept related doubts. Personalised expert feedback on assignments and projects.
Professional Networking
You will become a member of the ever-growing professional network of Eckovation Learners, from every sector of the industry, be it medical, IT, manufacturing, logistics, etc
Course Details
Live Video Lectures with Assessment Tests
Live Video lectures accompanied with assessment tests. Learn concepts through videos and assess your understanding through tests. Course Curriculum designed by online pedagogy experts.
Assignments and Case Studies
Apply the concepts you have learned by working on carefully designed assignments to exercise your problem-solving muscle. Get a flavour of real-world problems through case studies sourced from industry.
Complex real-industry problems demanding a thorough understanding of concepts, mastery over skill and understanding of the business context. Having worked on them would be a big highlight of your resume.
Personalised Mentorship
Top industry experts and IIT graduates would provide you personalised assistance in resolving doubts, working on assignments and a detailed review of your projects.
Learning Community
An online community of peers learning together, learning from each other, ensuring that learning remains the social experience that it ought to be.
Industry Oriented Learning
In this program you will be able to first of all understand the in-depth knowledge of AI & ML algorithms & applications. You will then use that knowledge to build end to end projects on the top of AI & ML. Lastly, you will be deploying these projects in the cloud.
Hours of Content
Industry Projects
Tools and Softwares

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Introduction to Python
Python and its Applications
Installation and Configuration
Working with IDLE (Integrated Development & Learning Environment)
“Hello World” Program
Data Types
String manipulation
String Concatenation
Slicing of Strings
Typecasting and its Applications
Escape character
User inputs
Data structures
Differences between lists and tuples
Practical applications of Data Structures
Control loops
If-else loop
For loop
While loop
Problems based on control loops
Inbuilt functions in Python
Function definition
Function calling
Problems based on functions
Object Oriented Programming
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Design Paradigm
Classes and objects
Constructor Function
Class Variables
Class Methods
Static Methods
Practical implementation of Object Oriented Programming
Modules and packages
Creation of Python modules
Installation and usage of pip (package manager)
Importing modules
Exception handling
Introduction to exceptions
Try and except block
‘Finally’ keyword
File handling
Python for Data Science
Scikit learn
Project - Attendance system
Introduction Big Data and Hadoop
Introduction to the Course
Introduction to Big Data
Need for Handling Big Data
Structure of Big Data
Storage Technique
Application of Big Data
Big Data - Impact on IT
Overview of Big data Solutions
Hadoop Ecosystem
Architecture (HDFS)
Hadoop Clusters
Hadoop Ecosystem
Cloudera VM Installations
Cloudera VM Overview
Cloudera VM Installation
VM Player Installation
Single Node Cluster Installation and Setup
Multi Node Cluster Installation and Setup
Hadoop Distributed File System
HDFS Daemons
Writing Files to HDFS
Re-replicating Missing replicas
Checkpoints and Journals
Data Node Startup
Data Node Heartbeats
HDFS Shell Command
HDFS Shell Command - Practice
Airlines Data Analytics
Cricket Data Analytics
Movie Data Analytics
TV Series Data Analytics
Introduction to Machine Learning
Simple Linear Regression
Multiple Linear Regression
Polynomial Regression
Logistic Regression
Decision Tree
Kernel SVM
Naive Bayes
Decision Tree
Random Forest
K means
Kernel PCA
Movie Recommended System
6 Mini Projects
Neural Networks
Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks
Introduction to Tensorflow
Tensorflow installation
Tensorflow basics
Artificial Neural Network
Convolution Neural Network
Project 1: Hindi Hand Writing recognition | Hello World program of Computer Vision. It will be the first program that everyone should build if they are thinking of going into AI. Using variation of MNIST Dataset, you will complete your first project in AI.
Project 2: Emojinator: Hand Gesture recognition | This hand gesture program is a great way to train yourself to work with computer vision. Every hand gesture you make will convert it into similar looking emojis for you on the screen.
Introduction to R
Overview of the course
Intro to Data Analysis
Intro to R - Basics
Basic R Programming
Data Frames
Apply Functions
Utility functions
Regular Expressions
Time and Date
Data wrangling
Data visualization
Grouping and summarizing
Types of visualizations
Importing Data
Importing data from flat files with utils
readr & data.table
Importing Excel data
Reproducible Excel work with XLConnect
Importing data from databases
Importing data from the web
Importing data from statistical software packages
Cleaning Data
Introduction and exploring raw data
Tidying data
Preparing data for analysis
Putting it all together
Case Study and Assignment 1
Ticket Sales Data
MBTA Ridership Data
World Food Facts
School Attendance Data
dplyr: Data Manipulation
Introduction to dplyr and tbls
Select and mutate
Filter and arrange
Summarize and the pipe operator
Group_by and working with databases
dplyr: Joining Data
Mutating joins
Filtering joins and set operations
Assembling data
Advanced joining
Case study
ggplot 2: Data Visualization
qplot and wrap-up
Case Study and Assignment 2: Sentiment Analysis
Tweets across the United States
Shakespeare gets Sentimental
Analyzing TV News
Singing a Happy Song (or Sad?!)
Data and R
Language of data
Study types and cautionary tales
Sampling strategies and experimental design
Case study
Exploratory Data Analysis
Exploring Categorical Data
Exploring Numerical Data
Numerical Summaries
Case Study
Case Study and Assignment 3: Exploratory Data Analysis
Data cleaning and summarizing with dplyr
Data visualization with ggplot2
Tidy modeling with broom
Joining and tidying
Correlation and Regression
Visualizing two Variables
Simple Linear Regression
Interpreting Regression Models
Model Fit
Reporting with R Markdown
Authoring R Markdown Reports
Embedding Code
Compiling Reports
Configuring R Markdown (optional)
Project: Fortune teller
Problem statement: An Organisation who is facing the issues with the people leaving the organization in a very short interval of the time want to predict whether someone is trying to leave in upcoming six months which will help them do the backup planning. The data is given and We need to predict if someone will leave the organization.
Project: RFM Analysis
The company wants to segregate the customers on the basis of the purchase they have done there are various criteria to measure the performance Recency Frequency and Monetary. We need to perform an RFM analysis. RFM depends on data for individual transactions. The data have to include, at the very least, an invoice number, customer identification number, purchase date, and purchase amount. The data set for this project holds information for transactions on a British online retail shopping site. The customers are multinational. The transactions occurred between January 12, 2010, and September 12, 2012
Project: New Movie Recommendation
Netflix is best known for its huge movie database and the recommendations they provide to their user. Work on a similar recommendation algorithm to stay at par with data scientists of Netflix and similar platforms.
Project: Recommendation Engine
This is an advanced recommendation system challenge. In this practice problem, you are given the data of programmers and questions that they have previously solved, along with the time that they took to solve that particular question. As a data scientist, the model you build will help online judges to decide the next level of questions to recommend to a user.
Completion Certificate
You will get certificates after completing all courses and assignments
Tools Covered
Industry Projects
Engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction
Benefit by learning in-person with Expert Mentors
Personalised subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate improvement
Project 1
Image Captioning
Image Captioning is the process of generating textual description of an image. It uses both Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to generate the captions. This process has many potential applications in real life. A noteworthy one would be to save the captions of an image so that it can be retrieved easily at a later stage just on the basis of this description.
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Project 2
Internet Traffic Forecasting Using Time Series Methods
With this project, the amount of traffic on TCP/IP networks can be forecasted using time series forecasting method. The data was collected from two internet source providers and was analysed using different ahead predictions and time scales. The project uses two time series methods — ARIMA and Holt-Winters. In the original experiment, the performance of traffic prediction with time series method was compared against a novel neural network ensemble approach.
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Project 3
Music Recommendation System
This is one of the most popular machine learning projects and can be used across different domains. You might be very familiar with a recommendation system if you've used any E-commerce site or Movie/Music website. In most E-commerce sites like Amazon, at the time of checkout, the system will recommend products that can be added to your cart. Similarly on Netflix or Spotify, based on the movies you have liked, it will show similar movies or songs that you may like. How does the system do this? This is a classic example where Machine Learning can be applied.
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Project 4
Identifying potential customers for loans
Identify potential loan customers for a Bank using classification techniques. Compare the models with the previously built with Logistic Regression and KNN algorithm in order to choose the best performing one.
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Yes, the minimum attendance policy for the complete course is 60% and minimum marks in all assessments for successful course completion is 50%. You will also need to complete all the case studies and projects correctly.
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Please refer to the deferral/refund policy associated with this program.
How much time do I have for completing my final project?
All the course related requirements have to be finished strictly within the tenure of the program.
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The placement assistance will be provided by Eckovation, to the students who successfully complete the course. We will help you build your resume as per the course's job profile, help you to apply for various companies, mock interview sessions (for shortlisted candidates).
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The student will be required to pay deferral fees of Rs 5000 +Taxes if any along with the differential program fees between the two cohorts.The deferral request will be approved once the deferral fee is paid.

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However, the student will be required to pay 50% of the total course fee amount (inclusive of taxes) before the deferral can be approved. Till this is completed, the student will be assumed to be continuing in the same cohort.

A student can request for deferral only once and from the batch start date of initial batch the student enrolled for.

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